Our Story

I am Nahui, from a small town in Mexico and yes you’ve guessed it that small town is called “Sayulita”, the place it all came to be. I have always lived around business because both my parents are small business owners so naturally I became one. My mom owns a folk art gallery and my dad has always been an entrepreneur with endless ideas in his head, one of them being “Sayulita Shirt Co.” My dad had been wearing classic hawaiian shirts as a uniform since I can remember, until one day on a vacation trip he found some very unique fabric and bought it to make shirts for himself. He would always get positive comments about his shirts so we decided that it would be a good idea to make it an actual product for people to buy. We started by introducing the shirts at my moms folk art gallery and the shirts sold like proverbial hot cakes. People were blown away by our shirts. The level of enthusiasm of our customers made us think it might be a good idea to have the shirts be more than just a product in my moms gallery but a business of its own. We are excited to introduce to you Sayulita Shirt Co. and we hope you love our shirts as much as we do.

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